Friday, October 12, 2012

I Love a Cat!

In honor of I Love Yarn Day, I have reluctantly and unwittingly adopted a cat.

For those who know me well, my reputation as a lover of all things canine should precede me.  This cat, though, persists in pushing herself into my life.

We recently moved into a house where the previous owner left her as they departed. My son dubbed her Remycat after a little dog that my sister has. The cat made its presence known as we attempted to move our things into our domicile. She tried to get inside on two occasions. I dog-blocked her because I was not about to let a yarn-tangler inside of our new home. No animal would come between me and my yarn. That is why I have always prefered to company of canines.

We were away for eight days last week. Failing to call the local ASPCA to get her, I left poor Remycat to fend for herself while we were away. I wondered if, upon our return, I would find her body curled up and expired due to lack of food and shelter.

I did not.

In fact, I almost stepped on her as she tried to get inside of the house again. I had to admire the moxy of this feline, but could I really let her into my house ( and heart?)

Cats, known for their love, nay obsession with yarn have not always been my favorite. However, friends and family member have been posting the most adorable, heart-rending photos of cats and kitties on facebook! One friend in particular enjoys chronicling the tales of her Tomcat Brock as he frolicks on his cat tower and stares menacingly but lovingly into the camera. I believe that is why subconsciously I have begun to actually like cats, even allowing my son to give this feline a name. I was even thinking of letting this one into my house.

There would be one sure way to see if I could co-exist with this kitty. I got out a leftover ball of Red Heart Gold yarn and dangled the string in front of the kitty. She came to it, batted at it, then nuzzled up to my leg! I screeched in delight and surprise! She didn't fight me for my yarn, but actually turned into one of those adorable little facebook cats that I have grown to love. She was so cute!

So, now, I am surprised to say that I love a cat...that just so happens to love yarn! Happy I Love Yarn Day, Remycat!


CrochetBlogger said...

Aw, that's too cute. You love yarn. Cat loves yarn. You love cat.

I'm a dog person, too, but there have been a few great cats that wormed their way in. :)

Danielle L. Branch said...

YES! She won me over! I'll post a picture!

Anonymous said...

Awe its such a cute story keep her she just wants to be loved and taken care of. Remy will have to learn to get use to her.

Amy Solovay said...

LOL at "yarn-tangler." That made my day! Teehee!

I just unwittingly adopted 4 tiny orphaned kittens, so I sympathize. I guess that means I have 4 mini yarn tanglers on the loose -- oh dear, what do I do now? :)

Danielle L. Branch said...

Love them like I love my Remycat!