Wednesday, November 28, 2012

3,000 Words Down, 9,500 Words to Go!

I am obsessed with my word count lately. I am writing a crochet book! It's a how-to crochet book that will be available for download on It's not what I originally wanted when I started this quest, but it's a great opportunity!

I had originally wanted to publish a book of crochet stories. Along the way, publishers said that people were more interested in crochet pattern books. I began to think that I, as an avid, but impatient, crocheter would do well to write a crochet book for impatient crocheters like me. Actually, it was my loving husband who initially implanted that idea in my head. He knows me pretty well, So I have to give him credit, THANKS ROBERT!

Some of the patterns came along quickly. There's the crocheted disco ball and the crocheted Teddy Bear Skin Rug. There's the crocheted Chef's Hat and the adorable crocheted Faux French Maid Apron (Excuse my SEO!)

So I'm obsessing over my word count. I've got to add 9,000 words to my copy AND I've got to crochet samples to go along with them. I've got at least half of the crochet done already. The company is a how-to publishing firm, not necessarily a crochet publishing firm so the pattern testing and pattern editing will be up to me. I've got my pattern tester and reader waiting in the wings (THANKS CHRISTI AND DENYSE!) So I'm not worried about that.

I am a little worried about getting up to that 12,500 word count, with 200 pictures!

 To s-t-r-e-t-c-h it out a bit I've decided to add a little bit about the history of the crochet hook and a little story about the creation of each pattern, I'm all about the story! That should pad the book out a little. I'm going to add a little about the difference between big and little hook crocheting, and a little bit about...wait I'm padding here...I should save that for the book!

I'd love to chronicle this GREAT adventure but I feel that I'll be pretty busy up until January 20, 2013. Look for me and my blog to continue later next year. After that, DOWNLOAD MY BOOK!