Monday, November 12, 2012

Danielle Branch, Crochet Writer!

I have just been hired as a real life crochet writer for a real live company! This means:

 1) After years of searching I have finally found a legitimate Work At Home job,
 2) I get to write about what I know :CROCHET!
 3) I can never ever mock another granny square again!

We crocheters all cut our teeth on granny squares. When my mom taught me how to crochet many years ago, she first taught me the granny square. For variety she threw in a popcorn stitch, but other than that everything we made was a granny square in some form or fashion.

We made granny square afghans and granny square potholders, granny square purses, and granny square hats.We made granny square slippers in every color and every size under the sun. I had always been tempted by a granny square skirt/dress but...didn't we malign poor Cate Blanchett enough! If you check the linked page, you will see that no one even has the words to comment upon this sheath.

But I digress. Granny Squares have progressed from this monstrosity and that monstrosity. 
(Third picture down!)

In fact, in my adulthood, I purchased, The New Granny Square, by  Susan Cottrell and Cindy Weloth.This book actually had some really cute, not square patterns! I did not happen to keep the book in my collection; I think granny squares and I have too much angst to try to start up another relationship.

Still  I love(d) the old gal! She was my first foray into crochet and I appreciate(d) the monotony of her process. Chain 3, 2dc, chain 3dc,ch2, 3dc, ch2, 3dc, ch2 ad nauseum ....kinda sounds like my new job as a crochet writer for a national crochet website...turns out I don't really get to regale tales of crochet,or really write what I know, BUT I do get to write the word CROCHET many, many (many) times. For those of you familiar with SEO writing, you know what I mean!

I'm not sure my first professional writing crochet job and I are a good fit BUT like the old granny square, it started me off into  a world with endless possibilities, the least of which is SEO writing, the most of which is...and that's why I started this blog, MY BOOK!


Kathryn Vercillo said...

I spent years writing SEO articles to get the experience and credibility I needed to eventually become a professional blogger and author ... and the topics often weren't nearly as interesting as crochet ... so good luck with the new work and may it lead to great things!

Danielle L. Branch said...

Well...I hope it will lead to great things. Thanks for the encouragement!